Best Free PDF Reader For Android Phones

PDF Reader is must have app in an android device. Many people want them to read novels while some want them to complete forms. For example, if you've got a few novels in PDF format, you’ll likely do with a program that's more reader functions.You may sometime need PDF reader to open the files you have got via shareit from your friends.

Here I have listed some of popular PDF reader which are available for free on google play store.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the most popular and the preeminent choice for PDF readers. It is most used PDF reader in computer as well as mobile phones.It is having most of the features in it. Still If you want a PDF Reader for a perticular purpose you may go for other also.

AnDoc Reader

AnDoc’s claim to fame is how straightforward it is. PDF and DJVU file formats be can open and viewed and that’s around all it can do. This is useful for some really essential reading exclusively as it does’t include lots of attributes for anything.

Kingsoft Reader

Kingsoft is an office program but it does include several attributes that expressly deal with PDFs. Specifically, if you should you can save files in PDF format if you want to as well as open PDFs. It does’t have lots of the characteristics of others on this list but this could be your most suitable choice if you want something really fundamental. Additionally, it includes a popular and quite highly rated office suite so you might be killing two birds with one stone.

PDF Reader

PDF Reader is a reader of PDFs as the name suggests.This is a fantastic program to take a look at if you have to is read things like publications in PDF format. It contains lots of attributes like brightness, auto-scroll, TTS support, dictionary support, and others geared especially for reading. If you need something that enables you to annotate PDFs or fill forms out you ’ll need to search elsewhere.

Radaee Reader

Radaee is another PDF program that's useful mainly for reading. It does have a few very, very essential editing attributes but nothing that a few of these others do’t have.It features some reader features in addition to an easy interface like page turning cartoons should you need that. It’s free to download if you need to try it outside.

If you want to transfer files from your phone to computer without cable connection than shareit for pc app for computer is the best solution for you.

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